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Harts Studio

Voice Lessons

Involving the training and building of your singing voice. Lessons are individually tailored to the singer based on their previous experience, current capabilities, natural voice, aspirations, and goals.  I accept singers of all skill levels and backgrounds, as well as a variety of vocal styles.


Styles include:

  • Classical

  • Musical Theatre

  • CCM (Folk, Pop, Rock, Country)​

Vocal Coaching

Coaching focuses on preparation of specific repertoire for performance or personal purpose. I accompany the singer on piano, collaborating to mimic performance conditions. Comments and corrections are given on diction and articulation, breath maps, physicality of performance, dramatic coaching, interpretation/song analysis, etc. Classical/operatic and Musical Theatre genre specialty.

Singing Lessons - Habilitation Emphasis

Voice Habilitation is a sect of Vocology, a field conceived by well-known voice scientist and executive director of the National Center for Voice and Speech Dr. Ingo Titze, as the science and practice of voice habilitation, with a strong emphasis on habilitation. Unlike rehabilitation, which is strictly administered for the voice by medical professionals, habilitation is the "process of strengthening and equipping the voice to meet very specific and special demands."


Singing Habilitation Lessons (SHL) are detailed, structured, and tailored specifically to meet the personal needs of the singer in collaboration with their Voice Care Team.

They involve a concise plan of specialized vocal exercises and attention to alignment, posture, tension-release, and easy phonation supported by respiration and resonance. The goal of SHLs is to work with the voice in a way that continues healthy, easy phonation for future singing.


Please inquire for further information.

My Approach

My purpose as a voice teacher is to help my singers discover their unique instruments in a way that inspires ease, musicality, and joy. I love what I do, helping students to free their voice through song.


After years of teaching singers of all ages, from the young to the young at heart, I have found that singing fed by happiness and unity with the body and mind leads to confident artists - no matter the skill level or technical prowess.

I begin with where a singer's current baseline lies. Everyone has had a different experience with their voice before they step foot in a studio, positive or negative (more than likely a mix of the two). Together, we determine their singing goals before developing a plan to achieve those aspirations and vocal technique in the healthiest way possible.

Vocal health guides all my teaching. Singing that is free of negative tension is always the goal and it is supported by efficient respiration, individually-aware alignment and posture, easy phonation, optimal resonance, and clean diction/articulation. Whether you are the musical theatre or opera singer doing 5+ shows a week, a student wanting to sing with confidence and competence, or just learning how to come back to singing for the first time in a long time: healthy, stress-free singing will provide a foundation for wherever your voice takes you.

Vocal Techniques covered in lessons include breath/respiration, alignment/posture, phonation, resonance, articulation, and diction. Artistry and musicality is also of importance to the singer, the emotion and expression of what you sing. Through Wesley Balk performative modes as well as traditional acting methods and Rogers experience-based interpretation, I help students tap into the meaning and subsequent performance of their repertoire.

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My Approach

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